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Experienced and suitably qualified employees are a key for the success of the company

Recruiting a highly qualified employee in the IT sector, considering the current competition on the job market, becomes a time- and tedious process. Thus, our agency is specialized in working mainly within the aforementioned market area. Thanks to the fact that the field in which we are working is so narrow, we are able to reach the best candidates, both for the Polish, as well as for the foreign customer. Our work is based on expertise and experience of the consultants, very good knowledge of the job market and the unique system we use, to look for the potential candidates. In an effective way, we are able to reach the experts we want to find, and thanks to our communications skills we are able to present our job offers in an interesting way, and by that, we are able to have a convincing impact on the positive decision taken by the candidate. Support provided by our Agency allows us to save time and money and, above all, makes it possible to hire the best experts out there.

How do I start a recruitment process? It is enough to take the following 3 steps, we will take care of the rest.
1. We will jointly define a profile for the candidate you need
2. We will select and share the personal profiles of the best IT specialists contained in our database
3. We will arrange a meeting, during which you will be able to get to know our candidate.

It is worth to know that:


We always treat our clients individually.


We are operating on the basis of the success fee principle – we settle the deal only after the recruitment process is successful. There are no additional fees you need to cover!


We do not provide exclusive services – each of our clients is entitled to carry out his own recruitment procedure himself. You also have a right to use services provided by some other agency. We are not afraid of our competition!


We actively implement the headhunting strategies. We reach out for the candidates that are not actively involved in the job seeking process, and we get them the best offers.


We always provide you a guarantee, related to our candidates.


We never leave our client with a problem at his hands.

IT Leasing

Leasing of the IT professionals is one of the services we offer. This service assumes that our clients may “lease” a number of highly skilled IT professionals. Such employees are binded by a contract they have signed with the New-Invest Agency, however, they work for the companies of our clients, realizing the required tasks, within a specific term. The IT specialists are delegated to work both in Poland, as well as abroad. Moreover, they are working on-site or off-site, depending on the needs and capabilities possessed by the client.


New-Invest employees work at the seat of the client. The projects are being executed by a highly skilled team, managed jointly with the client’s team. The model is most often realized, money-wise, with the use of the time & material method.


This model differs from the body-leasing model, however the financial issues are being settled in the same way. Contrary to a typical body leasing model, where work is being executed at the client-company’s seat, the time & material model assumes that the tasks are realized remotely, with the employees remaining at the New-Invest’s headquarters. The work is organized in stages, and quoting process is realized with a reference to the “working hours”.


This type of a project is realized by executing the whole IT initiative, in line with the order placed by the customer, with the price being fixed. The projects realized with the use of the above method, and the related costs, are being estimated on the basis of the provided requirements specification, while the payment is directly tied to each of the stages of the project. The client, prior to initiation of collaboration, receives the information related to the project costs and the time within which the initiative is to be realized.

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